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Yes, They May Be Crazy, But Hey I'm A Little Crazy at Times
Published on December 14, 2005 By HappySteph In Dating
Things I've Learned Being Single

Food in the freezer has an expiration date for a reason.

Dating Really Bites

I can open a bottle of champagne by myself but all breakable objects are in extreme danger

Scissors still do just magically disappear and/or just walk off

You can clean up glass with a Shop-Vac in no time at all

Peace alone is sometimes better than an accompanied Uproar

That sometimes it's ok to have extra pieces left over after building furniture, most of the time it's not.

I can change a lightbulb by stacking two telephone books, my laptop and a few Microsoft Binders on my desk chair.

It is totally possible to spend an entire weekend from Friday night until Monday morning not talking to another person and be in high spirits.

A fantasy can last longer than most guys.

A car's tires need to have the air checked once in a while.

A bed is more fun with two.

The toilet seat can be down all the time.

Wearing Jewelry with crazy clasps, is totally unnecessary and out of the question to take off, (this stuff was definitly designed for women who have men to help)

There are men who want you to be weak with them but strong for them.

You can use a Staple Gun as a Hammer, but make sure it's not loaded!

Sometimes I love eating a bowl of cereal for dinner.

It's ok to ask for help.

Getting your oil changed is incredibly expensive on a European Car

Women are powerful.

Dating really Bites.

You can drink wine in any glass and anything is enjoyable in a wine glass.

Some men will hit on you even though they have no interest in seeing you again.

My life is busier and more full than I would have imagined a single person could be.

Some rental cars lock automatically if you step out of them even if the engine is running.

I really do want someone to tell me if i look fat in this dress.

And most of all, friends and family are very precious

on Dec 14, 2005
I know what you mean on some of these...

Shop vacs can clean up all kinds of wacky mishaps
Expiration dates: Good to know.
Toilet seats can also stay up for a while. I've seen it with my own eyes!
I hate german mechanics...Evil greedy bastards.
I found out about the rental car thingie the hard way. Thankfully, i had a spare key.

Some of the things on your list that i have yet to discover are...

Staple guns are self explanatory
I'm a man. I lack the ability to ask for help, directions, advice, or any other seemingly reasonable request.
If anybody tells me that i look fat in a dress? Something has gone horribly wrong. Either that or i lost a bet.
Scissors do too walk off!

Standing on the laptop? Well, dunno about that. I hope it came with a service plan.

on Dec 14, 2005
You've been a busy writer this morning. I have to say that you should add step ladder to your Christmas list. Your balancing act sounds dangerous. I know it's not as fun but sometimes you have to be practical. Or you could always go with using this as a way to get a cute, tall neighbor in your house. "Can you do me a huge favor" bats eyes, flips hair and looks adorable. Then that can lead to the bed being more fun for two and he might even last longer than a fantasy.
on Dec 16, 2005
I love this list! I can't stop laughing....
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